Alleged On-Set Confrontation: Background Actor Accuses Mia Goth of Intentional Kick

Dive into the legal drama as a background actor files a lawsuit against Mia Goth, claiming intentional harm during the filming of A24's "MaXXXine." Explore the details of the alleged incident, the repercussions, and the broader legal claims involving battery and wrongful termination against A24, Mia Goth, and director Ti West.
Alleged On-Set Confrontation: Background Actor Accuses Mia Goth of Intentional Kick

Unfolding Drama on the Set

A background actor, James Hunter, has initiated legal proceedings against actress Mia Goth, accusing her of intentionally kicking him in the head during a scene while filming the A24 horror sequel "MaXXXine." The lawsuit sheds light on a dramatic incident that unfolded during the production, raising questions about on-set safety.

The Scene and Alleged Intentional Kick

Hunter, hired for three days to play the role of "Dead Parishioner," describes the first night of shooting as grueling, enduring the elements while covered in fake blood. The contentious scene involved Goth running past him, sometimes stepping over him. Hunter claims that on the fourth take, Goth nearly stepped on him, prompting him to voice his concern to the second assistant director.

However, the situation escalated on the next take, with the lawsuit alleging that Mia Goth intentionally kicked Hunter in the head with her boot. The aftermath left Hunter in pain, exacerbated by the dried fake blood on his robe, causing discomfort when removed.

Allegations of Taunting and Mockery

Following the scene, Hunter asserts that Mia Goth entered the bathroom where he was and proceeded to taunt, mock, and belittle him. The lawsuit claims that she dared him to take action against the alleged intentional kick. This reported post-incident behavior adds a layer of complexity to the case, suggesting potential emotional distress.

Physical and Emotional Ramifications

James Hunter's drive home was marked by lightheadedness, prompting him to pull over twice. The next day, the casting agency informed him that the production did not want him back for the remaining two days, suggesting potential professional ramifications. The lawsuit underscores both the physical and emotional toll that Hunter claims to have endured due to the alleged incident.

Legal Claims: Battery and Wrongful Termination

The lawsuit levels accusations of battery against Mia Goth, citing the intentional nature of the alleged kick. Additionally, a wrongful termination claim is directed at A24, Mia Goth, and director Ti West. This legal aspect raises questions about the responsibilities of the production team in ensuring the safety and well-being of cast and crew members.

Impact on Film Production and Actor Relationships

The legal dispute brings attention to the complexities of on-set dynamics, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a safe and respectful environment during film production. The allegations, if proven, could impact not only Mia Goth's professional standing but also the reputation of the A24 production and its director.

As the case unfolds, it invites scrutiny into the on-set culture and practices, prompting discussions about the responsibilities of actors and production teams in ensuring a secure and professional work environment.

Explore the unfolding legal drama as a background actor takes legal action against Mia Goth, delving into the details of the alleged incident, its aftermath, and the broader implications for both the film industry and the individuals involved.

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