【2024】Miniminter (Simon Edward Minter) Biography , Age , Height , Parents , Wife , Family , Net worth

Miniminter Biography

Today we are going to learn about miniminter.What is the real name of miniminter?

Miniminter Biography

We will give you details about his family, income, education, school or college name, girlfriend name, wife name, net worth, and height and weight. simon minter age 31 years

About Details
YouTube chennel miniminter
Real name Simon Edward Minter
Nick Name Miniminter,
Wedgeman Simon,
Yung Money Mint,
Real Nimrod,
gender Male
Date of Birth 7 September 1992
Age 31 Years (2024)
Religion Christian
Birth Place Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England
Lives in London
Nationality British
Language English
Marital Status Married

miniminter family

Personal life Simon Edward, Minter has a 

  • father
  • mother
  • Wife
  • And two brothers.

He has no sister, and there is no information about any other members of his family so far.

He is currently married, he got married this year.

Miniminter wife name

He is not a father of any children yet but is going to be a father very soon.

Miniminter Personal Life

Miniminter prefers to keep family members away from social media.

That is why the names of his father and mother have not been revealed yet.

Below are the people in his personal life.

About Details
Father Name did not reveal
Mother Name did not reveal
Brother Name 1) Nick and
2) Johnny.
Sister Name No Sister
Girlfriend Name Talia Mar (2017 Present)
Spouse/Wife Name Talia Mar(2023/06/03)
Kids/Baby Name No Kids

how many siblings does miniminter have

Miniminter only two  brothers
  1. Nick
  2. Johnny

Miniminter Height and Weight

Physically miniminter is in perfect position.

A healthy person should have a body height of 6.1 feet weight (63.3-78.7 kg).

Simon's body weight is within the range of a healthy human body weight.

Below is the miniminter's height and body weight.

About Details
Height/How Tall In Centimetres – (185 cm)
In Feet and Inches – (6’1”)
Body Weight In Kilograms – (75 kg)

Miniminter Social Media Account

Simon Edward Minter started his YouTube journey on 17/02/2008.

He has been running 5 YouTube channels till now in 15 years of YouTube journey.

He has more than 18.6 million YouTube subscribers alone.

He also has a total of 32.6 million subscribers on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Social Media Name User Id/Handle Id Subscriber Official Link
YouTube miniminter 10.4M Visit Now
YouTube MM7Games 5.42M Visit Now
YouTube MiniminterClips 1.42M Visit Now
YouTube What's Good Podcast 976k Visit Now
YouTube MiniminterExtra 415k Visit Now
Instagram @miniminter 6.4M Visit Now
tiktok @miniminter 2.1M Visit Now
Twitter@miniminter 3.3M Visit Now
Twitch @miniminter 2M Visit Now

Miniminter Education Qualification, School, College Name

A degree is required to do any job today. And if it is about education, then there is no question.

All of us have completed school and then college degrees.

Although studying is a boring thing, after that miniminter continued studying along with YouTube.

He has completed two degrees. After passing college, he has stopped studying for the time being.

Below is the list of schools and colleges he attended.

Education Name
School Berkhamsted School
College University of Hull

miniminter car collection

Cars are one thing that we all love. Which plays an important role in our daily lives.

Many of us buy cars as hobbies. Miniminter bought a few expensive cars as a hobby.

Also, Miniminter likes to drive. He drives at least once per week.

He owns several expensive premium cars,

  1. Aston Martin
  2. Range Rover Evoque
  3. More...

Miniminter Net Worth Growth

If you have been following Miniminter from the beginning, you've surely noticed several aspects.

"In the early days of YouTube, Miniminter used to speak slowly, but now he can effortlessly articulate without needing retakes.

He is gradually enhancing every aspect, including, perhaps, his financial standing."

The amount of Miniminter's net worth has been provided below based on the past years.

 By looking at it, you can get a clear idea of how much his net worth might be in the future."

  • 2018 ($25-%27) Million's
  • 2019 ($27-%30) Million's
  • 2020 ($30-$31.5) Million's
  • 2021 ($31.5-$33.5) Million's
  • 2022 ($33.5- $35) Million's
  • 2023 ($35-$37) Million's

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